Visit their new website: www.idedrills.com

When Fungi first connected with International Drilling Equipment last year, they were looking to plan out a major upgrade to their website that would allow them to bring in more web-qualified leads as well as leverage the site as a sales tool for their team. The end result was a much needed upgrade, including a series of new categories to showcase their drill equipment, brands they carry, and extra inventory for sale or lease. The overhaul to the website also included search engine optimization for all their main keywords. To date, the site has gone from being essentially unfindable in Google to now indexing all their main category pages.

Now that the company is easy to find online, we’re shifting gears to other proactive marketing projects to help drive more leads into the sales funnel and nurture existing customers to purchase again and again. Expected outcomes from our new program include:

Google Ads:

  • Roughly 1,000 new visitors to the website each month
  • We expect 1% of those visitors will contact IDE (est. 10 per month)

Ongoing SEO:

  • Gradual improvement for your top 12 keywords in Google search results within a 6-9 month period (these improvements will be reported to you monthly)
  • Goal of at least 3 top keywords in the top 5 by the end of 9 months
  • Goal of 1,000 new visitors per month from organic search traffic by month 9
  • We expect 3% of those visitors will contact IDE (est. 30 per month)

Email Marketing:

  • By feeding new blog posts to their email newsletter, subscriber (mostly customers) will receive regular email updates with new projects and ideas, resulting in improved sales conversion rates

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