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Ryan Forrest

Founder & Chief "Fun Guy"

Ryan has been on the digital marketing scene for the last decade, working closely as a strategic consultant, account manager and analytics advisor for small bricks and mortar businesses all the way up to global 100 industrial manufacturers. In 2015 he officially incorporated Fungi, now one of the top marketing agencies in Greensboro and the greater Triad.

He is passionate about bringing a scientific approach to marketing, combined with “fun” ideas to help companies better track the effectiveness of their overall sales efforts. He loves collaborating with the team and with clients to help them grow in new ways, much like mushrooms and other fungi spread to cover a forest floor.

Email: ryan.forrest@fungimarketing.com

Phone: (919) 636-9835

Matt Linville

Digital Marketing Specialist

Matt has eleven years of marketing experience. He has worked with local and national digital marketing accounts in the healthcare, sporting goods, higher education, construction, and multi-family residential industries. Matt has worked in Atlanta, New York City, Charlotte, & Greensboro.

He enjoys spending time with his wife, chocolate lab (Mousse), papillon (Polski), and mountain biking. Matt plays the bass guitar and enjoys going to rock-n-roll and country concerts.

Email: matt.linville@fungimarketing.com

Julie McGrew-Ayres

Project Management / Support

Julie’s life experiences run the gamut, from the furniture industry to the legal field to web design and internet marketing. Since 1998, she’s been helping clients navigate the shallow end of the technical pool whether their issues were website or email related. When she isn’t helping build an online presence for clients, she works on her family tree, tracing elusive ancestors whom she is certain came to America from Mars.

Email: julie.mcgrew@fungimarketing.com

Phone: (336) 777-6743

Abhishek Bandhu

Lead Designer / Developer

Abhishek is a self-taught graphic designer and has been working in this field for the past 10+ years of experience . His expertise lies in UI/UX design both for web and mobile, logo design and branding, social media ads, animated ads and WordPress development.
He loves to learn new skills and follow the latest trends in graphic designing. Over his career, he has also learned WordPress development, Shopify, HTML/CSS, motion graphics and 3D. His interests outside of graphic design include working out, watching movies and playing video games.

At Fungi marketing, he does the designing and web development for clients. He also loves to work out (he can surely give you some fitness tips as well.), play games, and watch movies in his free time.

Email: abhishek.bandhu@fungimarketing.com

John David Ariansen, MBA

Director of Analytics

John David’s formal education in analytics is through the MBA program at UNCG where he concentrated in business analysis. He believes that data driven strategy is the only way to remain competitive in the long run. His experience includes working with large name brands such as HanesBrand, Volvo Group and Lowes in addition to small agile startups and medium sized businesses. Working with large multinational organizations and small local businesses in roles facing both the supply chain and marketing/sales gives him a unique insight into how analytics can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization.

Email: john.ariansen@fungimarketing.com

Phone: (336) 202-3267

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