Fungi Marketing Origins


Fungi (pronounced “Fun Guy”) Marketing was founded in 2015 to solve the fundamental challenge facing all businesses; revenue growth. At the time of our inception, we had spent roughly a decade serving everyone from local startups to Global 100 companies with a variety of digital and traditional marketing solutions.

The Big Realization


Over the course of 10+ years, with millions spent and earned for clients, we saw a clear trend for success; DATA. Projects where companies had the most success, (and subsequently the most “fun”) leveraged measurement, testing, and optimization of specific target markets, content, or other campaign elements. The end result? A much more sustainable revenue growth model for the business.

Who We Work With


Within an organization, our main point of contact is typically the CEO or a sales / marketing director. These are the individuals who have the most vested interest in revenue growth for the organization. Specific industries we excel at include Manufacturing & Distribution, Health Companies, and Service-Based businesses.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Health Companies

Service Businesses

What Does Fungi Do?

Data-Driven Demand Generation.

Do you use data to drive your decision-making? Do you trust your data? What has been the result?

What Does That Do For Our Clients?

Better Decision-Making. “Fun”ner Target Marketing.

Empowers them to make informed decisions, using data to optimize revenue.

Digital Sales and Marketing Solutions

All companies experience challenges or barriers in obtaining Revenue. The Fungi Service Offerings address the Marketing, Sales and Design components of Revenue by utilizing Data-Driven Demand Generation.