About Fungi Marketing

We’re quirky. We’re punny.
We’re all-around “fun-guys”.

Who is Fungi Marketing?

We’re a group of dedicated guys and gals who apply a healthy mix of fun ideas with a scientific method. We view every campaign as a living organism, starting merely as a thought (spores), and eventually maturing into a full-fledged network of communications (like growing fungi). All campaigns eventually die out, just like all organisms (mushrooms included) going through their life cycle, so it’s important to keep generating new “fun” ideas each month.

Where most companies go wrong with their marketing is to not accurately test & measure their marketing campaigns. Fungi’s lab technicians (marketing specialists) will help you tie each campaign and all associated tactics back to actual revenue, whether you are an e-commerce company or lead-generation focused. This approach has helped us achieve a better than 80% retention rate with all marketing clients over the last several years!

Our Mission

We help businesses and individuals, like you, develop efficient marketing strategies. Our end goal is to give you back an hour each day, so you can focus more of your time doing what you love. Ready to apply our solutions to your business?

What We Do

Have you ever taken a trip through the woods and noticed all the little organisms growing on fallen trees, leaves and sticks on the ground? Maybe you feel like your business is a smaller tree in a bigger forest? Well believe it or not, the largest living organism on earth is network of little mushroom that started growing several thousand years ago.

We apply this same philosophy to helping clients market themselves, searching first for the low hanging fruit and eventually expanding into a full-fledged network. As we start to make you more money, you are able to invest more in your marketing, building a sustainable and transparent ongoing plan.

Give our marketing team a shot! We promise we’ll grow on you

Once we’ve met with you, we’ll develop and implement marketing tools that generate more leads, nurture those prospects and convert them into long-term repeat customers. With proper roots, effective tools and a well-planned strategy, you can foster and grow your customer base.

Get back to your passion!

Let’s talk about how we can help you focus on what you love.