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Fungi’s digital sales and marketing solutions are best suited for well-established companies in need of an analytics-based approach. We have served companies ranging from high-growth startup retailers to larger community organizations and global manufacturers. Unsure if your business is a good fit? Contact our team today.


Our Process


When engaged with our clients, Fungi’s role is to create digital sales and marketing solutions that facilitate the optimization of revenue. Fungi uses a proprietary process to assist our clients in achieving optimized revenue. The cornerstone of Fungi’s proprietary process is our client’s key stakeholders involvement and collaboration with Fungi’s team. Our process is composed of three phases and applied to every engagement. 

Phase 1: Information Gathering


Begins with interviews of key stakeholders to gain an understanding of the current digital sales and marketing environment, the desired state, and the current challenges that are inhibiting the company from achieving its revenue goals. Depending on the the complexity of the challenges, a SWOT analysis maybe required.


Phase 2: Alignment


Based on the information gathered in Phase 1, Fungi’s solutions are then aligned to the current challenges. Fungi then provides recommendations for achieving the desired digital sales and marketing environment. Fungi works in collaboration with the key stakeholders to create a priority ranking of the challenges and subsequent solutions.


Phase 3: Execution/Measurement


Fungi begins analysis the day your new design or campaigns launch using data collection tools for your website, your marketing channels, and your CRM. Campaign performance is measured / optimized weekly and we meet with clients on a monthly basis to review results as well as plan new recommendations for upcoming months. 

Digital Sales and Marketing Solutions


Fungi offers 4 core solutions to help companies be successful online. Building a central hub for digital sales and marketing initiatives involves optimizing your website, both from a design and a back end development perspective. From there, we can move onto inbound and outbound marketing channels such as search engines and social media. Finally, if you’re driving lots of new leads and existing customers into your sales funnel, it is important to nurture them through both automated as well as timeline CRM communications. 

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