In the heart of Greensboro, a small bakery named Donna Kay’s has been making waves in the local food scene since 1987. What started as a humble cottage industry, with Donna Kay sharing her homemade sourdough bread crafted from a top-secret starter, blossomed into a full-fledged business. The bakery’s commitment to locally sourced and home-grown ingredients has not only won the hearts of family and friends but also attracted a wider audience at local farmer’s markets, restaurants, and special events.

Recognizing the growing demand and the need to reach out to customers beyond the Piedmont Triad, Donna Kay’s decided to take a leap into the digital world. The bakery partnered with Fungi Marketing to design a user-friendly website on the Shopify platform. The newly designed website showcases Donna Kay’s wide array of baked goods, from three varieties of sourdough breads to a plethora of cakes, delectable brownies, Millie’s Apple Nut Bars, Peach Cobbler Pizza, Quick Breads in different flavors, and scrumptious cookies.

Donna Kays Breads and Sweets

But the digital transformation didn’t stop there. Fungi Marketing also implemented an email marketing campaign and a digital media marketing strategy to increase the bakery’s visibility. The goal was to get Donna Kay’s baked goods into the consumer’s eyes and conscience, and the results were astounding. In less than a year, the bakery went from zero views and transactions to over 10,000 happy customers, making Donna Kay’s Breads and Sweets a household name.

This success story of Donna Kay’s is a testament to the power of combining traditional baking methods with modern marketing strategies. It’s a reminder that even the smallest businesses can achieve great things with the right approach and a commitment to quality.

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