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Welcome to the Fungi Marketing learning center! Here you’ll find a combination of blog posts, case studies, featured clients and how-to’s to help you learn more about remarketing, marketing automation, website design and general marketing strategies! We hope you find the information helpful and please provide us with feedback so we can improve for future visitors.

Why Product Reviews Matter

The Benefits of Word-of-Mouth Marketing Every day, consumers are bombarded by a barrage of advertisements and product offers via email and social media feeds. Marketers capitalize on elaborate advertising campaigns just to capture attention and make consumers want to...

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How to Track Offline Marketing

Offline marketing efforts generally take a lion’s share of the marketing budget for many businesses. It is a time-tested and useful marketing strategy, but it is quite difficult to track offline marketing, albeit highly desirable. Statistics suggest that more than 81%...

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Marketing Automation Software Review – Silverpop

Company Overview: Silverpop (An IBM® Company) is an online tool used for email marketing and lead management solutions. It is cloud-based and offers a variety of quality marketing automation, triggered and one-off services. Because of their strategic partnership with...

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How To Create An Automated Analytics Dashboard

FUN FACT: All of the reports shown below are embedded charts that update daily with new information! Don't believe us? Just check back tomorrow to see if the information has changed.   Moving on... For the last several years we have spent countless hours entering...

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What Marketing Automation Is Intended For

With marketing automation being thrown around as often as it is today, it's important not to abuse or misuse the tools and tips out there. Below are some general guidelines for what automation does along with what it should not be used for. #1: Automating Information...

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