Display Ad Banner Designs

What are display-ads?

Display advertisements, also known as banner ads, can be used to promote a brand. The banner ad can take the visitor from the host website to the advertiser’s website or a specific landing page. These display ads often utilize keywords and appear on the pages of those who may be searching for the advertised product.

Types of banner ads

Types of banner ads include static and animated. Static banner ads often include a simple image and a link to the targeted website. If one were to click on the ad, it would take them to the landing page of the advertisement. Animated banner ads provide the same purpose but instead of being a still image, they are motion graphics. The animated element serves as an additional way to get consumers to notice it, click on it, and explore the targeted content.

display ad banner designsdesigning a display ad

How do banner ads work?

The purpose of banner ads is to generate traffic to a website by causing the consumer to click on it, hence the purpose of animation in most cases. Their sole purpose includes informing the consumer about a brand or its product and increasing brand awareness. 

1. Brand awareness – Banner ads can be used to increase consumer awareness of your brand. If your ads are popping up everywhere, the more likely they are to click and generate conversions.

2. Generate new leads – Banner ads can be a great way to lead people to your site and generate a database of new users.

3. Audience retargeting – You can influence a user to fill out contact forms or surveys by creating banner ads to attract them.

It is helpful to place your banner ads in a place that consumers are likely to find them, such as a high traffic website in the same industry or niche, that will generate many new users. 

Why are banner ads effective?

Banner ads are effective because to help to generate a high click-through or conversation rate. The more users click on your banner ads, the higher traffic volume to your site- therefore the greater effectiveness of your ad.






Things to consider when creating a banner ad

When creating an effective advertisement, the following must be considered:

  1. Target audience: Who are you trying to get to come to your side? What kind of audience will be most attracted to your content?
  2. Brand identity: Make sure to use the fonts, colors, and images that best represent your brand. That way, consumers will easily recognize your content.
  3. Readability: The most important part of a banner ad is its simplicity and readability. Make sure it is simple enough where it is not overcrowded, but has enough elements that the user can easily absorb the content.

Final things to consider about your display ad campaign

When creating a display banner ad, your goals should include the following:

1. What results would you like to see? – Have a specific product or campaign in mind when creating your banner ad. The more specific, the more ideal. Always have an end goal in mind when creating your ad.

2. Determine your budget – Knowing how much money to invest in a campaign is important. Since advertising costs money, knowing how much you’d like to invest will help generate the most effective campaign.

3. Who is your main audience? – Understanding who you want to advertise to will help you create a better banner ad campaign, and generate more traffic.