marketing automation maintenance companyWe’ve all been there, 2 or more months and hundreds if not thousands of miles overdue for our next oil change. That little sticker on the windshield tends to get lost in our day to day activities and some of us don’t realize it is time until our car tells us our oil life is at less than 10%. And that is just the more obvious regular maintenance item. What about tire rotations, filters, system flushes and more? If you are an owner of one of these establishments, you likely give out special discounts or other programs to repeat customers. Why not send out promotions to people exactly when they need them?

Marketing automation programs can be used for a variety of businesses who provide regular services to their consumers with as little information as a name, email address and phone number. Add in their home address and you could send out reminders using 3 different mediums at very low cost (less than a dollar per customer). Imagine how efficient your repeat business could be with 3 automated communications such as a postcard the week before with a coupon, a text the day of their tune-up date with a promo code and an email the week after following up if they haven’t been in yet?

Some examples of businesses who could benefit from this form of automation are listed below:

barber shop marketing automation

  • Oil-Change / Tune-Up Companies (90-day oil change, semi-annual system flush)
  • Tire Companies (rotations as well as replacing worn tires)
  • Hair Salons / Barber Shops (monthly or quarterly cuts)
  • Personal Trainers (monthly sessions)
  • Dentist Offices (semi-annual cleaning reminder)
  • Doctor’s Offices (annual physical reminder)
  • Dry Cleaners (monthly or quarterly deals and reminders)
  • Accountants (quarterly and annual taxes)

Do you own a business that provides regular maintenance or other recurring services to customers? Contact us today and find out how we can help grow your repeat business and make you more efficient!