Social Media Marketing Agency


There is no question about whether you should use social media marketing to further your business brand. The right question is which social media marketing sites – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Instagram, etc – should you use? Do you need all of them or only a select few? How will you know which social media marketing outlet is better suited for your business? Social media provides unprecedented opportunities for large and small businesses alike to get in front of a sea of consumers. However, without the guidance and experience of a strategic social media marketing agency, your business could miss opportunities or even risk damage to your brands.


As an experienced, industry-leading social media agency, Fungi Marketing can help your business navigate the intricacies of social media to develop an informed approach best suited to meet your business objectives.

  • Social media marketing strategic planning
  • Social media network profile setup, configuration, and optimization
  • Corporate blog setup, integration into an existing web site and training
  • Micro-blogging setup and training
  • Video optimization and submission
  • Article authoring, optimization, and submission

Highly influential sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have opened an incredible new avenue for businesses to engage and interact with current customers and attract new ones. Consider the millions of users socializing for hours in these outlets, sharing opinions, favorites, and recommendations with friends, colleagues, and contacts across the globe who then share with their connections.


Monitor your brand on social media sites. Tracking compliments and complaints about your brand allow you to respond promptly and appropriately to demonstrate your company’s willingness to serve its customers and earn the respect of potential new customers. Listening to topical discussions about your brand can provide key insights about your target audience. Also, following your competition will allow you the industry intelligence on new product or service introductions as well as competitor trends. We can help you with all of these aspects of monitoring in addition to:

  • Review monitoring and response
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Brand reputation monitoring
  • Social media monitoring and performance reporting

Engage and Interact with Current Customers and Attract New Ones.