Strategies to Employ for Maximizing Impression-Based Marketing ROI

Maximizing Impression-Based Marketing
Impression-based marketing has evolved thoroughly from its beginning in print media to the digital marketing world of today. Marketers have a vested interest in showing the right advertisement to the right person, at the right time. Digital advertising systems let them achieve exactly that, allowing for a chance of maximizing impression-based marketing and its ROI.

How it Works

A successful ad impression should be counted when a human viewer gets to see the advertisement. A Viewable Impressions approach considers an ad-impression by discarding factors like ad-serving requests made by bots or crawlers, ads blocked by adblocking software, or advertisements that were loaded but were never really viewed by the user (minimized window, different tab), and other similar factors.

Getting Down to Business

You have a huge arsenal at your disposal delivering ad-impressions to your potential customers. Here’s how you can utilize the tools for the best ROI.

  • Contextual Targeting ensures that your advertisement is displayed on a webpage that is relevant to your ad. This may include the subject of the website, or perhaps a webpage mentioning a specific keyword. For example, a business selling flashlights will have no interest showing ads on an art website, but may display an ad if a specific page on the website had the subject (or keyword) related to flashlights.
  • Domain Targeting is a way to ensure that your ad is displayed on specific domains, or excludes specific domains. This is especially handy for times when you see substantial impressions on a domain, but low conversions.
  • Geo-targeting lets you focus on the region or location of the ad-viewer, and can be as targeted as exact location. For example, a cafeteria in the SF Bay Area would find little use in displaying ads to people in Seattle. However, they may be more enthusiastic about presenting ads in their immediate geographic vicinity – perhaps around the block.
  • Dayparting is your friend in showing ads at the right time. Choose a time that works best for presenting your advertisement. For example, your business might see maximum conversions during the late afternoon, but little action in the morning. It is, therefore convenient that your ad-impressions are more aggressive and focused in the late afternoon, while the morning campaign can be paused or given a facelift.
  • Remarketing and Retargeting is the intelligent approach to increasing the conversion rate. You target your ad-impressions towards prospective clients that showed some interest in your business, but did not make a purchase. These ads serve as a reminder to the prospective customers and can effectively encourage them to complete the purchase.

Digital advertising has displayed a consistent upwards trend, and is expected to be more than 30% of total ad spend in 2016, with a steadily growing CAGR. However, it’s not just the spend that matters, it’s more about how you utilize it. Contact us to discuss a marketing campaign that gets the best results for your business.