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Our web solutions for cooperatives include high-speed hosting, user experience optimization, design, and ongoing member engagement campaigns. Below you’ll find more details on each of our specialties, including testimonials from other cooperatives, specific details on each service we offer, and tons of examples. We love partnering with new co-op marketing & communications directors to help extend their bandwidth. Interested in speaking with a member enrollment specialist? Fill out this form today and we’ll get in touch within 1 business day, or call us now at (919) 636-9835.

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Super Fast, User Friendly, and ADA Compliant…

Regardless of the fact that lawsuits around web accessibility to date are in the $20,000-$30,000 range per person, having a well-designed, fast, and reliable website for all your co-op members (disabled or not) is a best practice that all organizations should strive for. Fungi provides the following services to help put your mind at ease…

  • The fastest website load times on the web today through our high-speed hosting
  • An optimized user experience on both mobile and desktop devices
  • WCAG 2.0 AA (ADA) compliancy monitoring and on-site updates

About Super Fast Load Times

high-speed co-op websites
Fungi-hosted websites load 3-5x faster (better than 75% of sites worldwide), which means your members won’t have to wait 4+ seconds for their page to load. Test your site’s load times here.

About Responsive Web Designs

energy coop website designers
Whether you are looking to refresh your existing website or design a new one, Fungi can create a user experience optimized for all smart phones, tablets, and desktop devices.

About Monitoring & Updates

ADA WCAG-2.0 AA Accessibility
The new ADA legislation (WCAG 2.0 AA) requires websites be accessible to all disabled users. We can monitor and update your site to help keep it compliant. Test your accessibility here.
Co-Op Remarketing Banners

How We Increase Member Engagement

Have you ever found the perfect pair of sunglasses on Amazon and left without buying them? Then, for days or weeks after you see those same glasses on nearly every site you visit, Facebook, CNN, YouTube and more? That’s called remarketing, and Fungi is able to leverage the same system to help you grow your member engagement. Our remarketing ads (like this Let’s Celebrate banner) follow your members around on their favorite sites and when someone clicks on the ad, they are taken to a page like this one.

View More remarketing banner examples.

How To Automate Member Communications

In addition to featuring new programs to all your members, you may have a whole bunch of things you want to communicate to new or existing members as well. This could include reminders to on upcoming bills, energy rebates available in your area, co-op-specific grant programs, and more! Wouldn’t it be great to set this up once and have it automatically send to your members? Below are a few simple examples of emails that are automatically sent each month to new energy co-op members when they move to your area. View a full series of 12 emails here.

Email 1:

coop email solar program

Email 2:

coop email energy saver

Email 3:

coop email what to do when power is out

Email 4:

coop email grant programs

Monthly Reports Using Marketing Analytics!

One of the most important aspects of our programs is our monthly report and planning meetings. In these discussions we go through how many of your members saw the ads or received emails, how many engaged with those communications, and how many enrolled in the programs we were promoting. So you can see exactly how much engagement you’re getting for the dollars you spent! We also plan upcoming program promotions and talk about what we can improve upon.

Co-Op Monthly Reports

Client Testimonials

We have been using Fungi for digital remarketing and have seen great success with their efforts. Their design skills as well as digital advertising and analytics is top notch. Plus, they deliver results! Their team is on top of things…

five star rated coop marketing company

Shari C. (Great Lakes Energy)

Fungi Marketing has been great to work with. They have been flexible to what we needed and our limited non-profit budget. They have provided great feedback and analytics on our Facebook Ads. Always on top of it…

ymca marketing company review

Elizabeth M. (YMCA Greensboro)

I loved working with Fungi Marketing. Not only was I impressed with how our project turned out, I learned a lot in the process. They are super knowledgeable and on top of trends and best practices in the world of digital marketing…

michigan coop marketing rating

Casey C. (MECA Coop)

Ready To Get In Touch?

We believe co-ops are the wave of the future, allowing communities to advance technologically, financially, and sustainably. We’d love to be a part of your co-op’s initiatives this year. Get in touch by filling out this form and feel free to call or email us directly as well with any questions.

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