AutoGrip® is a brand of fabulous locking pliers created for both industrial and handy home repair use but “without the twist.” When locking pliers were first introduced, one turned a knob on the end to lock the pliers in place. Recent advancement in the design allows the user to automatically lock the pliers with the added bonus of cushioned handles.

Horizon Tool acquired the AutoGrip® brand and approached Fungi Marketing with designing a streamlined e-commerce website that featured all styles of the locking pliers available online with easy ordering, and checkout. Further, like many of its other e-commerce websites designed by Fungi, the ease of adding new products, images, and content in-house was a requirement.

AutoGrip Ecommerce Website Design

The redesigned e-commerce website fulfilled these requirements, making the search for this specific brand of locking pliers available nationwide without having to search for and drive to a local distributor. With a colorful design that enhances each product and descriptive text that provides at-a-glance information (size, style, weight, and price) the target audience is able to quickly identify and purchase exactly what they are looking for.

Branding, style, searchability, ease of ordering, and checkout are important aspects of e-commerce website design when considering one’s target audience. Equally important is the ease of operating an e-commerce store for the owner: Adding new or removing products, updating descriptions, adding sale prices or changing prices, as well as updating shipping information are absolute necessities.

Fungi Marketing offers a plethora of services and solutions for those wishing to market their products and/or services online: from e-commerce website design and development to website redesign from a user-experience perspective as well as online marketing and sales solutions. Be sure to review our case studies to see what we’ve done for others.

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