The Gomel Group’s New Logo and Website

Visit Site: The Gomel Group Fungi Marketing was introduced to Greg from The Gomel Group only a few months back with a goal of creating a professional new brand image and website to illustrate his services, sponsorships, events and community involvement. He... read more

Little Hiker Website Design And Marketing

Visit Little Hiker: Little Hiker is a relatively new subscription box business for parents of younger children that love getting into the great outdoors! Fungi Marketing founder Ryan Forrest, Isle Box founders (Kolin and Travis), and Shanti... read more

Craft Insurance Redesign And Lead Booster

Based in Greensboro, NC, Craft Insurance provides a very hands-on approach to each business, individual and family who walks through their doors. Looking at their website and digital presence at the time, however, we didn’t get all the warm fuzzies we... read more

6 Things you Didn’t Know About Remarketing

Simply put, Remarketing (or retargeting, if you will) is a way to target people who have previously visited your website and is one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal. Everyone who has been on the web has seen remarketing ads, and there’s a good... read more