Digital Sales And Marketing Solutions


The world of marketing has evolved significantly over the last decade, but many businesses still struggle in their transformation to digital sales and promotion. If you’re concerned because revenue has reached a plateau, or that your traditional way of generating business is declining, our team is here to help! Below you’ll find out more about how we help companies be more successful on the web, without overburdening them with digital marketing lingo or confusing reports. Our solutions all start with gaining an understanding of your current environment, challenges you’re facing, identifying what your desired future state is, and aligning a plan to help you meet your goals. 

How To Be Successful In The Digital Space

optimize your website

Optimize Your Website

If you plan to market your business online, you have to start with creating an optimized destination. Think of it as the digital version of your brick and mortar location. When someone walks through the front door of your office or retail space, or meets with a company representative, the experience should be helpful, inviting, and build confidence in your brand. Your website should be no different. However, often times we find that the look, feel, and functionality of a client’s website is more of an afterthought than a well-planned and intuitive customer journey. A website is your main digital marketing and selling tool. If it’s ugly, or isn’t generating leads, why did you build it in the first place? 

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gain visibility in search engines

Gain Visibility In Search Engines

Even the most well-known and well-established businesses can start to lose market share simply because they’re not allocating time, money, or resources to showing up at the top of search engines. In the digital age, almost all forms of research start by opening up your phone and asking Google a question. This ease of information access means that while a fair amount of your customers will still ask friends and colleagues for recommendations on your category of products or services, they can just as easily search a few words and have thousands of results within seconds. Stop relying on brand recognition or awareness campaigns, and start exploring the world of search engine marketing.

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digital media marketing

Build Communities And Gain Visibility In Online Media

Building your online presence involves more than just optimizing your website and helping searchers find you. Digital media marketing and advertising enables you to deliver your message to a targeted audience and gain visibility through apps they use for hours a day. For a more organic approach, you can establish online groups via tools like Facebook and LinkedIn where users go for advice or entertainment. If you’ve got advertising dollars to spend, there are thousands of social media, gaming, news, and other websites that will let you pay for visibility and target users based on demographic, behavioral, and other key characteristics that match up with your ideal buyer.

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crm marketing

Nurture Your CRM System

Establishing a CRM can take years of sales and marketing outreach and buying / acquiring lists can cost a lot of money as well. Our experience with clients shows that 80% or more of these contacts become forgotten by the sales team after a certain time period of inactivity or response. Maximizing customer retention means staying in touch with them long after the first sale and improving lead conversion involves following up with them long after the first series of contacts. Database marketing leverages automated communications that are triggered when leads/customers hit a new pre-defined milestone as well as one-off communications like an e-newsletter or e-blast.

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