People find your site in a variety of ways, but they don’t always result in conversions. Whether it be through paid search, social media presence, or organic search, one goal remains the same: To get consumers to come back to your site. In this blog post, we will discuss the ways you can use inbound Google Search Ads and the concept of Remarketing to create a digital funnel.

How it works:

The funnel works as a twofold campaign strategy:  

  1. Google Search Ads: Consumers see a virtual text ad (created with Google Ads) that centers around your practice or offer while they’re searching for your solutions. When they click on this ad, they are taken to a landing page that further promotes your brand. Here is an example of a virtual text ad one may see:


Remarketing Ad

Healing Hands Remarketing Ad

First Steps in creating a digital funnel:

  1. Visit website: The goal of the consumer being taken to that landing page is to get them to explore the website and eventually complete a goal: such as filling out a contact form, buying a product, or calling your business. 
  2. Google Analytics can be used to measure the channels visitors are coming in through as well as which ones are converting. Multi-channel conversions measure how different channels interact with each other to assist in a lead or sale. For example, many of your website visitors may first find you via an organic search and then come back directly or via an email newsletter. These are called assisted conversions.

Remarket to create a digital funnel:

  1. If consumers are not converting on their first visit to the website, that is where remarketing comes in.
  2. Remarketing: Remarketing reintroduces the consumer to the website. An example of this is when you visit a website, leave that site, and an ad for it pops up on another site you visit. This is no coincidence. Many remarketing campaigns are designed to influence consumers to go back to a previously visited website with an enticing offer. Once a returning visitor completes a desired action (ex: buys a product or fills out a contact form), they will stop seeing the remarketing ads. Here is an example of a landing page we have remarketed to target consumers:
Remarketing Ads for Digital Funnel

Healing Hands Landing Page

  1. Testing and measurement… Each ad campaign can be tested by analyzing their performance in Google Analytics. If you see an ad is not resulting in conversions, you remarket to bring consumers back to the site, thus enabling a digital funnel. 


Real-World Example that you may see:

Let us take a look at an example from a dental care company, Burst, from the consumer side of remarketing:

For example, let’s say you’re looking for a new toothbrush but haven’t really been actively looking. By chance, you see a virtual ad pop up on your Snapchat that looks like this:

Remarketing Digital Funnel

Burst Ad

A few things pop out to you including the name, the number of five-star reviews, and its ability to clean an ear of corn. You swipe on the ad and it takes you to a landing page.

When you swipe up on the ad, it takes you to a landing page that immediately promotes the purchase of the product: 

Remarketing Digital Funnel

Burst Landing Page 1

The ad says its most popular, your guaranteed money back in 90 days if it is not a satisfactory product, and there is free shipping. You decide to take a look around the site to see its benefits, and ultimately end up exiting the site to explore additional toothbrush options. 

As soon as you leave their site, Google Ads is tracking that you did not complete a goal. Therefore, the company, in this case, we would recommend Burst create a remarketing ad to get you to come back to their site and purchase the product.

Suppose you’re on Snapchat again the next day. You notice this ad popping up everywhere:

Remarketing Google Ads Strategy

Burst Remarketing Ad

You also keep seeing ads for the product on every website you visit:

Digital Funnel

Burst Remarketing Ad 3

You click on the Snapchat ad and it takes you to this ad:

Google Ads Strategies

Burst Remarketing Ad 4

Notice anything different from the first time you saw it? The first ad had to convince you to click on it, hence the reason it showed the toothbrush’s effortless capability of cleaning an ear of corn. It has already done its job of making you aware of its capabilities, now it just needs you to purchase the product.

Therefore, Burst creates an ad that will draw you back in. The five-star reviews are significantly higher amount than in the first ad, therefore causing you to even further trust this brand. Another thing to notice is the price, and how much the whitening capability of the toothbrush stands out. It is likely as a consumer after seeing this ad another time, or even two to three more times, that you will buy the product. 

Our Approach:

For our approach when recreating virtual ads for remarketing to create a digital funnel, we recommend:

  • Tuning to the consumer’s needs: What is your primary consumer looking for? Performing extensive research on Google Ads and Analytics to see how consumers are finding your site and content, to begin with, is an important tool. Seeing where your consumers are based, what they are searching for, and who your competitors are will ensure you are targeting the right audience for conversions.
  • Using engaging keywords and images: You can analyze what works best by seeing how ads perform and what is converting best in Google Ads. The best remarketing ads are interactive, have striking images and colors, and contain the words you want consumers to associate with your brand. 
  • Create engaging content and landing pages: Immediately show why the consumer should stay on the site and purchase your product/interact with your services. When a consumer clicks on that ad, you want your content to show them exactly what your product or service provides, and how it could benefit them.



Using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other platforms to create a remarketing campaign will help draw consumers back onto your site and create a digital funnel. Following these steps, and knowing how your consumers are reacting, will aid you in knowing what works best for your business. Want to learn more about remarketing and how Fungi can help? Please visit our Remarketing page to learn more, or call us to book a consultation today.