Industries We Serve


Since our inception, Fungi has accumulated a wide base of clients ranging from local start-ups to Global 100 manufacturers. Over the years we’ve found that our analytics-based approach is suited best to companies who need a strong digital sales and marketing presence to generate leads and nurture customer relationships. Below is a short-list of the industries we excel at and specialize in along with the typical challenges they struggle with that we help to solve.

marketing for manufacturers


U.S. manufactures continue to be pressured by various sources to cut costs while increasing revenue. The use of traditional methods to achieve these goals have become stagnant as new technologies enter the marketplace. In today’s business environment, purchasers have a wealth of information online to assist in the purchasing decision and many manufacturers have begun establishing themselves in the digital space. Thus, the traditional and more costly non-digital B2B sales and marketing model has become less desirable. Modern digital sales and marketing has an inherently lower cost per sale/acquisition with tremendous up-side if the website and digital channels are optimized.

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retail marketing


Where manufacturers have struggled to transition to digital, the online retail marketplace has surpassed half a trillion dollars over the last decade. As of the end of 2018, E-commerce represented almost 15% of all retail sales nationwide. This creates an entirely different struggle as challenger brands seek to outperform companies like Amazon and eBay. Fungi’s focus for e-retailers is around carving out their niche, getting hyper-targeted in their customer base, and discovering new online marketplaces to sell products. For local retailers, there are also a variety of opportunities to get exposure regionally as well as selling their goods on a national level. 

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marketing for community organizations

Community Organizations

Running a non-profit or other community organization means tightly managing your budgets for different programming. It also means that you’re responsible for generating new streams of income to become less dependent on grants or investors. Fungi works with a variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations to help promote current offerings as well as build out new streams of revenue to become more sustainable. Some of our digital marketing solutions include sponsorship programs, fundraisers, impact analysis reports, as well as promotion via digital media and member databases. 

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