Solvera Labs is a leading contract manufacturer that offers a wide range of services, including research and development, compounding, contract manufacturing, packaging and bottling, and kitting and warehousing. Our primary focus is on serving industries such as OTC and topical products, janitorial and sanitation products, beauty products, and pet care products.

To effectively showcase our extensive capabilities and the variety of services we provide, Solvera Labs partnered with Fungi Marketing to create a new website design. The goal was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that specifically caters to manufacturers in these categories.

The redesigned website features web-ready images, ensuring faster loading times for a seamless user experience. The content on the website is carefully crafted to reflect the interests and needs of manufacturers, regardless of their size. We understand that manufacturers have unique requirements, and our website content aims to address those specific needs.

contract manufacturing website design

In addition to the visually appealing design and tailored content, the website also incorporates built-in features that make it ready for implementing sales and marketing solutions. This ensures that manufacturers can easily leverage the website to promote their products and drive sales.

Overall, the new website design by Fungi Marketing effectively conveys the wide range of services offered by Solvera Labs and highlights our immense capabilities. It is a user-friendly platform that caters to manufacturers in the OTC, topical, janitorial, beauty, and pet care industries, providing them with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions and drive their businesses forward.

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