When the pandemic hit, I was certainly concerned. The summer before senior year of college is known to be vital to securing jobs in the spring, building resumes, and gaining experience. But how would I be getting that experience with a remote marketing internship if we all had to stay home?

What I have done so far…

When I stumbled upon Fungi Marketing, I knew it would be a place where I would grow and thrive- no matter the setting. Not only is the team diligent, but they genuinely care about their clients and the work that they are doing. I feel I have been able to learn more in a remote internship than I would have in person, due to the fast pace of the marketing world and the way I am able to teach myself new programs.

I have had the opportunity to learn new programs such as Google Analytics and Facebook ads, write blogs, create copy for ads and social, work with clients on PR opportunities… All at a steady, well-balanced pace. I have gathered the top 10 essentials to know before entering a marketing internship. These are pivotal elements that I have learned are of the utmost importance.

remote marketing internship

First off, remember that:

1. Patience is key: When working with clients or coworkers (especially in a remote environment where you don’t get the immediate satisfaction of being able to head over to their desk or give them a call knowing that they’re at work), you must have patience. There may be times where you’re struggling on an assignment or need answers to questions in order to write a story, and can’t get information until a day or two later. Not only is that normal, but it teaches you to be able to exhibit your own personal research and to be on top of your game at all hours.

2. Be open-minded to learning new things: With patience comes open-mindedness. If you can’t utilize your busy coworkers, do your own investigating! Be willing to take courses online and learn for yourself. The knowledge I have accumulated from doing my own tasks and delving into research on my own has provided me with the confidence to work with clients and take my skills further.

remote marketing internship

Don’t be afraid to…

3. Ask a lot of questions: You will come to learn that questions are not only welcomed but appreciated. Not only does asking questions allow you to learn the most that you can, but it shows that you have a willingness and desire to learn. Through asking lots of questions, I have shown that I am attentive and interested in the work that I am doing. The more confidence and knowledge you instill in yourself, the more projects you may be able to work on in the future.

And remember that…

4. Things don’t always go as planned: Being flexible is super important, especially in a remote marketing internship. Meetings pop up. People get sick. Sometimes you may just be overworked and need a break. Showing your compassion towards your coworkers and taking on some of their workloads will prove beneficial to the team in the future. A team that works well together and trust each other will get more done.

remote marketing internship

Make sure you’re able to…

5. Multi-task: Being able to go back and forth on projects will help you expand your knowledge. For me personally, I usually benefit from taking a break on something I have been working on and transferring to another. Giving yourself brain breaks will result in more engaging content and inspiration to achieve great results.

6. Be engaged and know the tools:This is a big one. In order to get the most out of your remote marketing internship, learn the tools that are used daily, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Teamwork, Cision… the list goes on and on. These are great ways to become super engaged with the work you’re doing, and by the time you get a job in the field, you will be an expert. As an intern, it is the best time to dust up your skills and be taught the ways of the world from true professionals. It helps as well to practice. The only way to get better is to experiment with these programs, take courses, and stay engaged.

remote marketing internship

Stay engaged…

7. Stay updated on tips, tricks, and news:This may be surprising, but reading up on publications like AdWeek and DigiDay will help you stay in the loop on what is happening in the marketing world. In a remote marketing internship, you have to rely on yourself to know what is happening in the industry. You will not have your coworkers right down the way to chat and stay updated. Blogs such as Tech Crunch and Search Engine Land are also great tools to become more versed in the optimization world.

8. You won’t always find the solution (Trial and error):A remote marketing internship will present many challenges that will require trial and error. A campaign doesn’t work as well as you’d planned? Remarket and try again. Your readability score on a blog post is low and needs some extra optimization? Do your research and edit. Consumers dropping off your site after a minute? Analyze your conversions and figure out why. Marketing takes patience and there is no better time now than to learn.

remote marketing internship

Lastly, remember to…

9. Be honest with yourself: Not enjoying an element of your internship and feel like you could do more? Speak up. There are so many elements to a remote marketing internship and someone will always need help. DO NOT be afraid to reach out to your supervisors and ask what you can help with that has yet to be presented to you.

10. Take it all in: Lastly, remember how great this remote marketing internship opportunity really is. In the age of COVID, things have been tough. But having confidence in yourself to succeed and learn will move you forward, drastically. Because I have asked questions, stayed on top of things, and done my research, I have been able to have a wonderful experience thus far.