In a world where aging gracefully is a priority, StoneBridge stands out as a beacon of compassion and quality care for seniors. With their warm and welcoming approach, StoneBridge senior living communities have become synonymous with excellent services and amenities. Located in 24 cities across Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois, StoneBridge offers various levels of care, including Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabilitation, and Skilled Nursing. But what truly sets StoneBridge apart is its commitment to inspiring employees to become the best versions of themselves, ultimately providing the best possible care for residents. This dedication is exemplified by partnering with Fungi Marketing and the recent implementation of Paylocity’s HR & Payroll service on their website.

A Culture of Inspiration and Growth

At StoneBridge, the staff is not just a team; they are a family. The community takes immense pride in fostering a supportive and collaborative environment, encouraging employees to inspire and learn from one another. By nurturing a culture of growth and development, StoneBridge empowers its employees to continuously improve their skills and knowledge. This commitment to personal and professional growth ensures that residents receive the highest level of care from a motivated and enthusiastic team.

Unveiling the Partnership with Fungi Marketing

Recognizing the importance of attracting top talent, StoneBridge joined forces with Fungi Marketing, a renowned digital marketing agency, to enhance its recruitment efforts. With a focus on highlighting the unique culture and benefits of working at StoneBridge, this partnership aims to attract individuals who align with their values and are passionate about serving seniors. Through Fungi Marketing’s expertise, StoneBridge’s website now effectively showcases the opportunities available to potential candidates.

StoneBridge Senior Living & Paylocity

Introducing Paylocity’s HR & Payroll Service

Taking its commitment to employee satisfaction one step further, StoneBridge has implemented Paylocity’s HR & Payroll service on its website. This innovative platform not only simplifies the application process for candidates but also provides comprehensive information about the culture and benefits of working at StoneBridge. Prospective employees can now explore various career opportunities and submit applications with ease, all in one convenient online location.

By leveraging Paylocity’s user-friendly interface, StoneBridge ensures that the hiring process is streamlined and efficient. This commitment to embracing technology not only benefits potential candidates but also demonstrates StoneBridge’s dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements. It is through endeavors like this that StoneBridge continues to set an example for senior living communities nationwide.


StoneBridge is more than just a senior living community — it is a place where compassion, quality care, and employee development converge. With its extensive range of care levels, services, and amenities, StoneBridge ensures that residents receive the utmost attention and support. By partnering with Fungi Marketing and implementing Paylocity’s HR & Payroll service, StoneBridge is actively engaging potential candidates and providing a seamless experience for those interested in joining their dedicated team. As StoneBridge and its employees continue to inspire and learn from each other, it remains steadfast in its commitment to providing the best possible care for cherished residents.

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