In the heart of downtown Eugene, Oregon, Newberry Child Care is a haven for preschoolers aged 2 1/2 to 6 years, offering exceptional care and educational programs. As a branch of the esteemed Downtown Athletic Club, Newberry Child Care not only prioritizes children’s cognitive development but also emphasizes physical activities to promote gross motor skills. Recognizing the need to provide parents with an informative platform, Newberry Child Care recently underwent a website design. The revamped website now serves as a virtual gateway, offering parents a wealth of information about the center’s safety measures, facilities, curriculum, staff, and an array of valuable parent resources. Join us as we explore the exciting transformation of Newberry Child Care’s new website.

Newberry Child Care's website design

Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

Safety is of utmost importance at Newberry Child Care, and the designed website emphasizes this commitment. Parents can now easily access information about the center’s safety protocols, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in their child’s well-being. From secure indoor playgrounds to carefully monitored environments, Newberry Child Care prioritizes creating a safe and nurturing space for children to thrive.

Informative Facilities and Curriculum Details

Understanding the significance of providing parents with a comprehensive understanding of their child’s daily experiences, Newberry Child Care’s new website showcases detailed information about the facilities and curriculum. Parents can explore the well-equipped indoor playground and discover how it fosters gross motor skill development through various physical activities, such as running, jumping, and engaging in games. Additionally, the website provides an overview of the curriculum, highlighting the educational approach and learning opportunities that shape each child’s growth.

Virtually Meeting the Dedicated Staff

Newberry Child Care believes in the importance of building trusting relationships between parents, children, and the staff. The website design incorporates a section where parents can virtually meet the dedicated team of professionals. By providing bios and photos, parents can familiarize themselves with the caring individuals who will be guiding and nurturing their child’s development. This virtual introduction creates a sense of connection, even before stepping foot into the center.

Accessing Valuable Parent Resources

Recognizing that parenting is a journey filled with questions and challenges, Newberry Child Care’s new website offers a variety of parent resources. From articles on child development and parenting tips to recommended reading lists, parents can access a wealth of information to support them in their role. These resources serve as a valuable tool for parents, providing guidance and insights into various aspects of their child’s growth and development.


Newberry Child Care’s website design is a testament to its commitment to providing exceptional care and education to preschoolers in downtown Eugene, Oregon. With a focus on safety, detailed information about facilities and curriculum, virtual introductions to the dedicated staff, and a rich selection of parent resources, the new website serves as an invaluable resource for parents seeking quality care for their children. Step into the virtual world of Newberry Child Care and discover the nurturing environment that awaits your little one.

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