Digital Media Marketing

Digital media marketing allows you to create online communities as well as drive targeted traffic and leads to your website. This could include social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube as well as thousands of other sites such as the NYTimes.com, Yahoo Finance, or even applications like Candy Crush. Digital media marketing includes both paid and unpaid (organic) activities.

Building your online community will be 80% focused around content creation, posting information to a page or creating groups that help keep people coming back for more. Actively posting will also help boost confidence from potential customers who might visit your online media channels to learn more about what you’ve been up to. Paid digital media allows you to be much more targeted, crafting a unique static or animated banner that targets users based on demographic, behavioral, and other personal characteristics. Learn more about digital media marketing best practices and strategies below. 

digital media marketing

How We Market Through Digital Media

social media posting

Social Media Posting And Community Building

There are many opportunities to create online communities through Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels. Posting to your page on a regular basis and promoting it to your target audience helps increase your reach and engagement with potential buyers. Our goal when building out a social editorial calendar for posting is to determine which channels your audience is more likely to spend time in and then identifying the type of content will keep them engaged each and every week. 

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social media posting

Social Media Advertising

Social media posting and community building is a great way to generate more buzz for your business organically, but you have less control over how often your content is visible to users and who ends up following you. With social media advertising, you can narrow in on specific user demographics, behaviors, job titles, interests, and other characteristics. Social ad platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to also display your promotions prominently, resulting in 8-10x the visibility of your organic posts. 

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display network advertising

Display Networks / Programmatic Buying

Display and other media distribution networks allow you to post static and animated (video) banners on prominent sites like NYTimes.com. There are thousands of sites listed within display networks where you can bid for top placement and pay either by impression or by click. By honing in on what websites or applications your customers spend time on, we can identify key areas to start prospecting and build a plan to get in front of them on their screens. 

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Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is the process of displaying targeted ads to users who have either visited your website before, or signed up for an email list. Using information about what pages they were on prior to exiting, you can display static or animated ads while they browse the web (social media sites or display network sites) to encourage them to come back! You’ve probably experienced this (sometimes annoying) form of advertising in the past. 

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geotargeting ads

Geo-Targeted Ads

Geo-targeting is available through all the above-mentioned digital media advertising platforms. With the capabilities of each network, you can refine your targeting down to a specific zip code, or radius around a physical location. This method of advertising is ideal for company’s who primarily serve their customers at their office, retail space, or distribution center. 

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