Paylocity WordPress Integration

Are you looking to create a more integrated experience for your careers, but stuck because you cannot integrate your Paylocity careers portal with your WordPress site? Our team has developed a simple and hands-off solution that can be designed and installed within your website in a matter of days. 

paylocity wordpress integration

How Paylocity For WordPress Works

Step 1: 

Design and planning for your new career pages. 

Step 2: 

Request your unique API link from Paylocity.  

Step 3: 

Implement your Paylocity job feed on WordPress. 

Step 4: 

Testing, quality assurance, final review and launch. 

Paylocity And WordPress In Action

Our integration is more seamless than any custom Paylocity WordPress plugin out there. Instead of a plugin, which would be vulnerable to breakdowns, our holistic solution directly connects the Paylocity API with your WordPress site and can be customized to match the theme and overall layout of your store. 

wordpress paylocity plugin

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