Making trade show exhibits mobile is the purpose of Specialized Mobile Exhibits, better known as “SME.” SME creates experiential mobile exhibits that invite participants to come in and experience what the vendor has to offer. Thus the domain name, “engageSME.com:” Participants not only view exhibits; they become engaged with vendor products or services.multipurpose website design

Specialized Mobile Exhibits came to Fungi Marketing in its quest for interactive website design that was as mobile-friendly and responsive as the exhibits it creates. Fungi set to work with a two-fold mission: (1) design a responsive, user-friendly website and (2) make it a resource for both users and SME’s salesforce. The redesigned website presents viewers with a host of mobile exhibit ideas, whether large, small, or in-between, along with current rental equipment that SME offers. Featured projects include an up-fitted classic Volkswagen van; walk-through pods; pop-up drink and/or sample carts for food vendors; semi-sized trailers; commercial buses; and large-footprint exhibits, all built with road-readiness in mind accompanied by the simplicity of setup and breakdown at the show.

The website design includes the capability for customer independence: The ability to add new projects and rental equipment to the website portfolio in-house. This flexibility allows SME to add new projects to the website anytime – day or night – using an internal resource as opposed to an external developer. It also prevents the website from becoming “stale” over the course of time.

Fungi Marketing designs or redesigns websites from a user experience perspective, guiding you through the pitfalls of what works and what doesn’t based on a combination of your needs and ideas and our years of experience. We’re customer-focused whether it’s website design, search engine or digital media marketing, or a solution to help “grease the wheels.”

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