Sales Marketing Collateral

On target business literature can keep your products and services top of your mind with your potential customers. As a leave behind after a meeting or as a download after a visit to your website, professional sales collateral materials helps position your value proposition and reaffirms why a prospect should do business with your company. When they are ready, you can rest assured they have everything they need to make an informed decision and to contact you, rather than your competitor.

With the changing online environment, Fungi Marketing has transformed sales collateral so it still has relevance in the digital world. Our services include well-designed and carefully written digital or printed materials that help move prospects along in the sales process. Product brochures and catalogs are not the only forms of printed or digital sales collateral that can benefit your business. Case studies, testimonial single sheets, and even white papers can deliver just the right blend of facts and persuasion to win over your next client.

When developing your sales collateral, FMI has the skills and capabilities to handle the entire project:

  • Identify your needs and opportunities for collateral
  • Write new content or rewrite your existing copy
  • Project management to keep you on track and under budget
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Prepare for print and digital use
  • Supervise the production and printing process

Let’s get started today.