Ad example

Fungi Marketing has the ability to handle all advertising activities, from development to planning to placement, using traditional and digital venues and vehicles to reach specific target audiences. Our work, especially in the areas of digital, outdoor and print advertising, provides many examples of the high-profile, highly-memorable ad campaigns we have created. We’re proud that the ads we design are not only creative and fresh, but thoroughly aligned with each client’s brand and strategy.

Agencies typically make money on media advertising by way of commissions and mark-ups. In our mind this creates a conflict of interest: FMI has a vested interest in getting clients to do more advertising, and to spend more of its marketing budget on advertising. We choose to serve our clients’ interests. We don’t take any commissions on ads. Instead, we pass those commission savings on to our clients. Since we don’t get any special benefits from our clients’ advertising dollars, we look for ways to save them money on advertising. By working from a strategic marketing plan, we are able to uncover volume discounts and other opportunities for getting more bang for your buck.

Another great service we can provide is to get ad salesmen off your back. These reps can be aggressive and persistent, and eat up your valuable time. As an extension of your company, we would handle all these sales calls and relationships. We would consider and analyze their advertising opportunities as they relate to the strategic initiatives of your company.