Marketing automation is a powerful tool that saves you time and delivers an excellent return on investment by working behind the scenes to generate leads and revenue. Fungi Marketing provides marketing automation services & consulting on campaign strategy, full implementation, and ongoing monitoring & maintenance of campaigns to steadily improve your ROI.


CRM Integration

Easily integrate Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, or other CRM systems with marketing automation software to sync up and leverage your customer data.

Lead Scoring

Align your marketing and sales better than ever before by determining the characteristics of your ideal customers and clearly defining what makes a qualified lead. Then, use lead scoring to automate the qualification process and routinely deliver qualified leads to your sales team. Fungi Marketing will help you determine which demographic, psychographic, and behavioral criteria to score, and with what values. This scoring process helps identify where a lead is in the buying cycle and whether it is worth spending time on. Automation makes lead scoring scalable and powerful as it helps identify marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads.

Website Visitor Tracking

Track who is engaging with your website and then leverage that behavioral data to deliver very targeted, relevant content to the right person at the right time and keep them coming back to your site for more.

Automated Email Campaigns

Turn your contacts into customers for life without the hassle of manually keeping track of individuals and sending them appropriate follow-ups. Create automated welcome, cross-sell, up-sell, abandoned cart, win-back, and lead nurturing campaigns that will keep you top-of-mind, generate qualified leads, and drive revenue automatically. Fungi Marketing offers full setup of automated programs including strategic campaign recommendations and workflow, writing, and design of compelling email messages, data mapping, and launch of new campaigns.

Analytics & Reports

Marketing automation allows you to measure campaign results and adjust campaigns in real-time. Fungi Marketing is here to monitor campaign performance, interpret the data, and provide insights to continuously improve campaigns and the return on investment.