Site-Wide Sale Newsletter

Site-Wide Sale Newsletter: A Revenue-Boosting Tactic for Retailers

Bluefly.com's Site-Wide Sale 80% Off

Bluefly.com’s Site-Wide Sale 80% Off

Email marketing is an integral part of a retailer’s business strategy. It’s one of the top mechanisms that drive conversions on e-commerce sales, accounting for over 7% of all e-commerce transactions. According to a survey conducted by MarketingSherpa, email produces an ROI for 70% of B2C marketers. This just goes to show that even with the advent of social media, email remains a crucial tool that helps merchants understand and predict browsing as well as buying behaviors.

As a result, retail companies are trying to integrate traditional brick-and-mortar strategies with more interactive online methods to create a more unified but personalized brand experience.

And with online retail sales growing by leaps and bounds, it becomes the perfect opportunity for merchants to take their business to new heights. Merchants can send a site-wide sale newsletter to announce offerings online. But how can you ensure that your emails are opened and read?

Create Concise Subject Lines

Make your email stand out from the usual clutter of the inbox through compelling subject lines that are clear and straight to the point. While short is not necessarily better according to a research by Retention Science, you must keep email subjects between six and ten words, since they yield the best open rates.

Introduce Strategic Deals They Can’t Get Anywhere Else

People love discounts and coupons. Make them act in haste by sending a site-wide sale newsletter that focuses on strategic deals offered for a limited time. Make sure that you send these newsletters to the demographics where they are relevant. Timing is key for generating optimum results, so strategize the timing of your newsletters.

Acknowledge Cart Abandonment

Your retail campaign should not end as soon as the customer clicks on your email and ventures into your e-Commerce site. Most shoppers, especially the compulsive ones, select products but leave the process without completing the transactions.

Photo credits-blog.storitz.com

Photo credits-blog.storitz.com

According to a poll facilitated by RetailMeNot.com, 82% of online shoppers become more loyal to businesses that offer regular discounts, as compared to businesses with occasional discounts and offers. Introduce further incentives in the form of discounts, coupons or free shipping services to compel them to make that purchase.

Make them Readable on Every Platform and Device

Acknowledge that your site-wide sale newsletter may be viewed using different mobile consoles. Make sure that you structure your email in the most comprehensive but concise fashion possible.

A site-wide sale newsletter is a vital strategy that retailers should continue to optimize. Give your newsletter the boost it needs – Contact Us now.