New Product Announcement Newsletter

product announcement newsletterPerhaps one of the most obvious, yet underutilized, email blasts are new product announcements. These types of newsletters are typically short and sweet, providing a  description about the new product, line or service with accompanying imagery and links to view more information or purchase on the website. Depending on how you have your customers segmented in your database, you may want consider sending new product offerings to a specific subset of users versus your entire list.


Personalization Examples:


1. If you own a small boutique clothing store that sells both men’s and women’s apparel, you would most likely want to only announce a new line of women’s jeans to your list of female subscribers.


2. As another slightly less obvious example, say you own a local coffee shop and have segmented users based on the preferences listed below. When a new line of whole roasted beans becomes available you might target the ‘Plain Old Cup of Joe’ folks only whereas if you just got in some new tasty seasonal syrups you might just target your Frappuccino customers.

  • Plain Old Cup of Joe
  • Espresso / Cappuccino
  • Tea
  • Frappuccino / Sugary Latte Drinks


Full List Blast:

New product announcements can be sent to your entire list too, however your open and click thru rates will not likely be as high as the personalization/segmentation noted above. Full list blasts tend to perform better when you provide an incentive such as a small discount, free shipping or other promotion. You can also send out a teaser email prior to the big blast announcing a new EXCLUSIVE product launch coming up and allow customers to select whether or not they’re interested in getting first dibs. This will help to filter out uninterested customers and ensure that your message is as targeted as possible before going out.