Visit the Site: www.zagar.com

industrial manufacturing website design

Zagar has been a long-standing client of ours for many years. So long in fact that this is our second time redesigning their website!

About Zagar: Zagar offers a wide variety of drill heads, feed units and controllers that are customized to fit both individual and total solution dedicated machines. Zagar also offers robotic end effectors as well as industry premium collets and collet fixtures.

About our partnership history: Zagar was one of the first clients to leverage Fungi Multi-Channel to drive new leads to their business. As an industry leader, their biggest hurdle was in getting more visibility and the web had been (and still is) quite under-leveraged for companies in the manufacturing space. The result of our collaboration was several top 3 Google rankings for their top keywords (ex: “multi-spindle drill heads“) as well as a Google Ads program that resulted in a collective 30+ leads per month at certain points throughout the year!

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