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lighting company marketingE-commerce website design and marketing is in our DNA. In fact, long before the inception of Fungi Marketing, our team worked exclusively on e-commerce websites, creating custom solutions for both start-ups and more well-established companies. Interestingly enough, Summitland Home is a brand new business, but with roots in a much older and more well-established hardware company that you would find at most big box hardware stores around the world. Knowing their long-standing history, Fungi was brought in more so to elevate the new brand, gain exposure, create a clean, intuitive destination and then help disburse the product offering to popular channels like Amazon.com, Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

The result? After just 3 months sales more than doubled and in October (5 months after launch) had improved 6x. This trend should continue into November with big deals coming for the holidays. Sales trends include about a 50/50 split of purchases through the summitlandhome.com website and their amazon store.

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