new silvertone analytics website

Visit website: www.silvertoneanalytics.com

Silvertone Analytics is a long-time collaborator and client of Fungi. Recently we took on the task of revamping their web presence to more accurately reflect the company’s growth in scope of services, industries, and capabilities. The new site design (shown here) reflects the organization’s fun culture as well as their skills in the analytics space.

What’s New At Silvertone? 

Silvertone had originally been very focused in high level business consulting, but it has taken roughly a year to develop their new approach. Differences you’ll see on the site include:

  • New core categories (Sales Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and Supply Chain)
  • New industries served (Manufacturing, Marketing, Healthcare, and Non-Profit)
  • An enhancement of their existing Tableau services (Development, Training, Courses)
  • They’ve also created a ton of great video content as well as dashboards for their clients to reference in building out solutions for their team

Fungi is so stoked to have launched another successful website design for Greensboro-based Silverone team, one that is reflective of their skills, expertise, and fun approach to business analytics. See the old and new sites below… and if you’re interested in having your own custom Greensboro website design, contact us today!