Fungi Marketing Referral Program

$100 Amazon Gift Card Plus Commission For The First Year

Fungi Marketing loves our referral partners because they are able to connect us with customers that are a perfect fit our company mission, vision, culture and solutions! Interested in becoming a partner? The details of our program are below along with our 1-page agreement.

What You Get: 

  • 1-4 Referrals = $100 Amazon gift card PLUS 1% of all sales for that customer for the first year
  • 5-9 Referrals = Another $100 Amazon gift card per referral PLUS 3% of all sales for each referred customer for the first year
  • 10 + Referrals = Another $100 Amazon gift card per referral PLUS 5% of all sales for each referred customer for the first year

How It Works: 

  • Gift cards and commissions are available only if customers sign and pay for their agreement
  • Gift cards are sent after the first payment is received from the customer
  • Commissions are sent each month after payment is received from customers for that month’s invoice
  • Commissions for each referred customer stop after 365 days have passed since the first payment was received

What We Ask From You: 

  • When you introduce a potential customer to us, please take about 15 minutes (or more) to let them know what we’re about, who we typically work with (see below) and what your experience has been with us in the past
  • Give us a heads up that you’ll be sending someone our way by emailing you.rock@fungimarketing.com with the subject line: New Referral – %Customer Name%
  • Our referral partners are our friends too, if you wouldn’t refer this customer to a friend who offered similar services, please don’t refer them to us!

Who We Typically Work With: 

  • Companies with either a ‘FUN’ product/service or a ‘FUN’ company culture
  • Average $100,000-$1,000,000 or more per month in revenue
  • Have an existing marketing program they are looking to take to the next level
  • Have expressed interest in conversion optimization, remarketing, email marketing or marketing automation but are unsure where to start

Download the Agreement: