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Tracking loved ones, high value commercial equipment, and packages being shipped are just a handful of the things Logistimatics specializes in. GPS tracking has been around for a long time, but the advancement in technology and user interfaces available have improved significantly. With thousands upon thousands of GPS trackers sold and tracked to date, Logistimatics has only a limited set of time to focus on their marketing effort.

Fortunately Fungi and Logistimatics work in the same building in Greensboro, NC, which has culminated in an ongoing consulting engagement to help extend their team’s bandwidth. Meeting with ownership twice a month has helped their team tackle everything from combatting negative reviews, to improving buying power, website usability, on up to supply chain planning and better insights into which channels are performing better.

Sales have increased substantially (sometimes doubling previous months) and steadily since we started the consulting engagement several months back. Projects for future months will include developing more comprehensive analytics dashboards that will allow the team to project growth several months out and plan according to the predictive models!