Visit Little Hikerhttps://www.littlehiker.co/

Little Hiker is a relatively new subscription box business for parents of younger children that love getting into the great outdoors! Fungi Marketing founder Ryan Forrest, Isle Box founders (Kolin and Travis), and Shanti Hodges from Hike it Baby all partnered up to create the new subscription business in a much-needed area for outdoor parents. The new site offers one-time, monthly, quarterly and annual subscription options as well as one-off purchases of previous items in their shop.

For the design of the new site, Fungi partnered up with Kolin Karchon, who is also a web developer by day and a majority of the ongoing marketing efforts are handled by our team including a comprehensive welcome email series, affiliate program, and small ad programs. The website currently converts at over 5% and seeing great success through their multi-channel approach.