cryotherapy website designGSO Cryo specializes in a variety of cutting edge therapies for sports recovery and general health. Some services of interest include their cryotherapy tank, infrared sauna, anti-gravity treadmill, and compression treatments, all of which can be extremely beneficial to athletes with injuries or in training. Due to the unique nature and advanced technology GSO Cryo uses, Fungi thought it fitting to give the website a more unique look and feel. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

In addition to redesigning the website to be more user-friendly and help customers to directly schedule services, Fungi also did some initial search engine optimization along with social media promotion around specific offerings. Within 1 month of launch the website was ranked at the top of Google for cryotherapy services and our promotions through social media have lead to hundreds of bookings over the last several months.

We love working with unique / niche brands such as GSO Cryo and look forward to incorporating their new offerings into future dynamic digital promotions.

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