greensboro therapist websiteGreensboro Family Therapy specializes in chronic illness, addiction, individual, couples, and family therapy both locally in Greensboro as well as virtually on a national level. Lisa and Drew are a couple themselves and apply their unique approach and connection to local treatment centers to provide specialized therapeutic solutions to their patients.

When we were initially introduced, Fungi discovered that the couple had been without a website for quite some time and needed to get something up as soon as possible given that their website had been published in well reputed online publications. They were also looking to build a simple website that helped illustrate their service offerings, experience, and allow people to easily connect with them.

Given the time constraints, Fungi was able to get the new website designed and implemented within a 4-week timeframe. We continue to maintain the website, adding new features, popups, and other maintenance requests on a monthly basis to help satisfy their digital needs.

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