Visit The Site!: https://www.thefeelingfriends.com/

Fungi Marketing was first introduced to Karen from The Feeling Friends last year through a mutual business coach (Mary Ann Hauser). Karen and her team were in need of assistance both with updating the website as well as developing a new marketing strategy to help them spread awareness for their books, CDs, courses and more! The main objective of phase one was to create a site representative of The Feeling Friend’s playful characters, especially Lotta Love who helps children work through other emotions like fear, anger, sadness.

Shortly before the official launch of the site we received a heartfelt message from Karen, who was overjoyed with the new look, saying that no one else had been able to figure out the design that represented the Feeling Friends like we had. We were overjoyed to hear the news and happy to help create an online presence that aligned so closely with the founder’s vision!

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