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Marketing for Manufacturers

With more manufacturers entering the digital space and added pressure to cut costs while increasing revenue, the need for an optimized web presence has become paramount to continued growth. Fungi has established several short-and-long-term solutions for typical digital sales and marketing challenges faced by manufacturers across the United States. Our analytics-based approach is designed to produce immediate positive impact on your bottom line by leveraging an analysis of your current environment to uncover trends and outliers in internal as well as competitive data. Upon completion of our preliminary optimization, we move onto long-term opportunities to sustain and gain market share online.

Sale And Marketing Challenges For Manufacturers

declining sales

Declining / Plateauing Sales

increased cost per acquisition

Increased Cost Per Acquisition

Converting Raw Data Into Actionable Insights

Need Better Data Collection / Insights

Data Integration & SWOT Analysis

Fungi Marketing starts all engagements with SWOT Analysis of the current environment coupled with data collection, insights, and recommendations. Upon completion of the analysis, Fungi Marketing reviews our findings with the client to jointly determine the perceived most critical challenges to address first.

Fungi Solutions For Manufacturers

Website Optimization & Design

Website Optimization & Design

Digital Media & Search Engine Marketing

Digital Media & Search Engine Marketing

CRM Marketing

CRM Marketing

Typical Results

Ongoing optimization projects coupled with better insights into sales and marketing data begin having a positive impact within 3 months of our engagement. On average after twelve consecutive months of Fungi digital sales and marketing management, clients typically experience a fifteen percent (15%) increase in revenue coupled with a ten percent (10%) decrease in acquisition cost. 

Manufacturing Client Case Studies

International Drilling Company

Specialized Exhibit Company

Niche Industrial Manufacturer