Specialized Exhibit Company UX Design

How Buyer Personas and UX Redesign Is Selling More Exhibits

About The Company

SME is equipped with the best-in-class services in experiential marketing design, engineering, and fabrication. They provide exceptional quality workmanship down to the last detail and dedication to the absolute best experience from conception to creation. Gone are the days of marketing to a broad audience. Today’s marketing requires unparalleled experiences and live audience participation. SME is a leader in the cutting-edge. Small enough to provide a personal touch / incomparable customer service, flexible enough to handle any requirement regardless of scope.

The Challenge

While SME’s old site was engaging, it didn’t speak as well to the target audience and their problems. It was more of an online business card with some interesting design elements and videos. The struggle we identified while working with their leadership team, was to create an experience for the end user that allowed them to browse various projects to generate ideas, as well as to provide their sales team with references that could be easily filtered down while meeting with prospective customers.

The Solution

The solution we provided was broken out into three simple phases. First, we went through our research process to identify who the ideal customer was. From there we built out a persona including their role, typical motivations, frustrations, channels, influencers and more to get inside their head and create an experience that would be useful to them. Once completed on the persona, we worked with the sales team to map out the website hierarchy and filtering function as well as creating an easy way for SME’s team to bulk upload completed projects that would automatically be categorized on the website. Finally, with the end user as well as SME team member experience in mind, we designed and built out a completely new interface for the website. 

The Results

Since launch, SME has added a total of 24 new projects to their website (with 100 more planned by end of year), creating a more robust selling tool, complete with filtering by event type, space, brand, purpose/use, and available platforms. Traffic to the website has improved by over 200% per month and their team is thrilled with the new interface. Using Fungi’s hosting and maintenance plan, their site now loads twice as fast as it used to.