Zagar, Inc. Industrial Manufacturing Success

3 years as a marketing client and over 600 leads later…

About Zagar


Zagar is a client of Fungi via our strategic partnership with a traditional marketing and PR firm imgroup. Roughly 3 years ago, Zagar and imgroup recruited our team to design an upgraded site that helped bring it out of the dark ages and into the 21st century. In addition to the redesign, they also wanted to be a dominant force in their industry and develop a well established digital presence. We are now in the process of a second redesign (starting in September 2017).

The Challenge

Having operated out of a traditional offline selling model for years, a majority of Zagar’s new business was from current customers, referrals, and trade publications. Their online presence consisted primarily of a website built in the early 2000s with a mix of templates and confusing navigation. Being in such a niche industry (multiple spindle tooling / drilling), there was also less competition in search engines for most of their core product offerings.

The Solution

During the migration from their old site to the creation of their new site, our team conducted a deep content audit and upgrade to optimize the site around a variety of Zagar’s top keywords. Because at the time Zagar was not the top-ranked company (not even on the first few pages of Google in most cases), we coupled the SEO strategy with a paid search strategy using Google Adwords. We also reorganized and redesigned their website to have a much more intuitive flow for the end user.

The Results

Month 1 of Fungi management, we generated over 20 leads via mostly paid search and had as many as 35 leads in a given month from a combination of paid keywords and organic traffic. After gaining traction off the paid search ads and building organic SEO, Zagar decided to turn off the Google Ads, but continued to see an average of over 15 leads per month. All totaled over a 3 year period, traffic to the website brought in over 600 leads worth hundreds of thousands in revenue.