Pandemic-Proof Marketing Plan

The current global climate has wide-reaching impact, especially for local businesses who depend on foot traffic to grow revenue. In response to the pandemic, Fungi has created an emergency response digital marketing strategy to both keep current customers engaged as well as prospect new customers in your local geography. COVID-19 can’t travel via the internet, now is the time to beef up your online presence with a turnkey digital strategy. 

Option 1: Restaurant & Retailers

Local restaurants and retailers who have temporarily changed to pick-up only or are closing down completely can get a short-term influx of cash by selling gift cards to current customers and other followers in your network. Fungi has created a solution that can be up and running within 24 hours and requires only about 30 minutes of your time. If you don’t already offer gift cards for sale online, our team will set one up for you. Once in place, we’ll send an email out to all your customers/subscribers encouraging them to support you through gift card purchases. Setup for the gift card platform is whatever you’re able to invest (starting at $5 with a free bonus hour of consulting for payments over $75) and the one-time email including importing your customer database cost just $250 (payable over 2 months)

digital media marketing

E-Gift Card Setup

(View Example)

search engine marketing

1 Email Blast

(Sent to All Customers / Subscribers)

Option 2: 90-Day Digital Marketing Promotion

Fungi’s 90-Day emergency response plan is designed to quickly launch digital marketing promotions to both existing customers as well as proactively market to new customers in your local geography. Using pre-designed templates, our team will create a 3-part email series to your existing customers (distributed monthly over the 90-day period) as well as an animated Facebook Ad featuring your business info, goods and/or services that will run for 90 days. 

search engine marketing

3 Emails Over 3 Months

(1 Email Per Month)

digital media marketing

1 Facebook Ad

(Runs for 3 Months)

What We Need From You

Sales Process Optimization

Customer Email List

(Up to 2,000 Customers From Your Database)

Sales Governance

Facebook Admin Access

(Provide Us Admin Access to Facebook)

Workforce Planning

Info And Images

(Basic Info About You and Some Images)

Timeline And Pricing

Leveraging our pre-designed templates allows us to shorten our typical production timeline significantly. All you need to provide us is the above information / access and within 48 hours your first email and Facebook ad will start generating more business from new and existing customers. The remaining emails will be pre-scheduled to go out the following 2 months and the ad will continue to run for the full 90-day period.



Total Cost For 3 Emails


 Total Cost For Facebook Ad (Including Your Advertising Fees)

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