bottom-up funnel

Fungi’s Bottom-Up Funnel


Fungi’s analytics-driven, bottom-up funnel approach is the opposite of a typical agency. Rather than focus on branding and awareness campaigns to get you found, we focus in first on optimizing your selling systems and profitability.

Then we’ll make our way up the funnel, finding key trends, outliers, and opportunities along the way. Our team of specialists will help you with data governance, collection, measurement, and insights for each pillar of your business (sales, marketing, finance, and competitive intelligence).

This approach enables us to maximize performance, ensuring that as more target customers become aware of your company and engage with you, a higher percentage will contribute to your bottom line.

revenue control

Revenue Control

Revenue control is the pinnacle of every successful business. If you’re not controlling revenue and cost, you cannot scale sustainably.

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sales optimization

Sales Optimization

Sales optimization is about a lot more than pipeline management and motivation. Your sales team must operate under strict guiding principles, a systematic approach, and work together with marketing, finance, and operations to produce long-term results that will benefit the company as a whole.

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customer retention nurturing

Customer Retention / Nurturing

Once you’ve gone through revenue and sales optimization, we’ll move onto improving sales practices and close ratios, ensuring you retain more customers and continue to nurture them. Sales enablement is where marketing will begin to have more involvement; creating new collateral, automating long-term communications, and collaborating with sales to craft targeted messages to reach your ideal buyers.

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lead generation nurturing

Lead Generation / Nurturing

From there, our focus moves up the funnel to how you’re generating sales-qualified leads through networking and referrals as well as and finding ways to increase the number of marketing qualified leads through your communication channels. Lead capture is only part of the plan. After someone has visited your website, connected with the sales team, or signed up for an event / promotion / collateral, we’ll have automated communications that follow them around on their screens, in their inbox, or delivered direct to their physical address. The goal is to continue to engage with them and help nurture them into a prospective customer so they’re already warmed up for sales.

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brand awareness engagement

Brand Awareness & Engagement

Finally, at the top of the funnel, we’ll begin spreading more awareness to potential buyers who are not yet familiar with you. This approach is informed by all the work we’ve done further on down the funnel, targeting only those people we know have an interest or need for your products and services.

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