Global Compressed Air Systems Remarketing and Automation

Leveraging huge brand awareness to drive hundreds of thousands in new compressor sales.

The Challenge

The customer was looking for a more efficient way to generate sales qualified leads for their compressed air division by maximizing existing website traffic. Their sales cycles are typically in the 3-12 month range and reps often spend lot of time educating potential buyers. Prospects are frequently contacted by other competitors of this customer and staying in front of them regularly is too time consuming for the sales team.

The Solution

With a new budget for marketing automation, email, remarketing, paid search advertising, SEO and conversion optimization, our team created an annual communication strategy with details down to weekly as well as monthly initiatives. Throughout the course of the first 18 months, we restructured their customer database, setup a variety of triggered communications both internally to sales/customer service and externally to their customers focusing on growing sales and building their community.

industrial air compressor marketing

The Results

As seen in the funnel to the right, over the first several months the campaign produced significant results for the customer. For every $1.00 they spend, the program returns $5.00. Now that this program is in place, the team can focus on new funnel campaigns geared toward other company verticals and long-term customer retention.