Bellevue Avenue Get’s Complete Package

How choosing our full service approach yielded triple the sales and a 3-week vacation.


When Fungi was first introduced to Bellevue Ave, the owner Ashlyn had been doing a majority of the marketing work in addition to creating all the products and handling a majority of the customer service. She knew she needed a marketing partner, but didn’t have the budget to pay for our full service solutions. Seeing the potential, Fungi opted for a hybrid base payment plus pay-for-performance (commission based on hitting revenue targets).

The Challenge

Bellevue wanted a marketing partner who could help  double the revenue in the first 3 months, while also providing the company more time to work on new product launches, courses, and partnerships with industry photographers/designers.

The Solution

Fungi applied our full-service, multi-channel approach for e-commerce. First, we spent a day with Ashlyn building out an annual communications calendar that would allow her to plan for future product launches and to provide us with the content/collateral to promote upcoming launches.

That was followed by the implementation of 6 new automated customer nurture series (abandoned carts, upsells, newsletter pop-up and welcome drip, etc.) , an aggressive social media advertising program, search engine optimization, Google product and search ads, new promotion strategy (adding bundles and increasing pricing to improve our average order value), a new affiliate program for photographers and more!

specialized vehicle example

The Results

With over 5 channels being managed by Fungi, within one month we had nearly doubled the previous month’s sales, after two months we had more than tripled sales and saw similar results in the third month. Furthermore, in the third month Ashlyn was able to take a 3-week trip with her family out West where there is little or no cell reception/internet connection.