Apparel Company Converts Over $300,000 From Fungi’s Marketing Efforts

Using an analytics-based approach to maximize e-commerce conversions through email capture, automation, and A/B testing.


This midwest-based apparel company specializes in high-value clothing and footwear. They have both brick and mortar stores as well as an online shop. By regularly releasing new limited edition items as well as maintaining an offering of specialized sizes (ex: XXL) for their unique customer base, this company has carved out a high-performing niche in the marketplace.

The Challenge

Fungi was first introduced to the company to help optimize e-commerce sales, but they were unsure how to maximize performance. Through our analysis, we determined that the website received a lot of traffic, specifically from social media channels like Instagram, however performance on the site was limited (less than .7% conversion rate).

The Solution

Fungi zeroed in on specifically why traffic wasn’t converting and right away noticed that the website had a lot of tire-kickers (users would only visit 1-2 pages per visit). We also noticed that email traffic had nearly double the conversion rate (approximately 1%) compared to the other channels (.5% average). We also noticed a lot of traffic was going to product pages, but saw very low add-to-cart click thrus. Our recommendation was to build out an incentive-based email capture popup sitewide to encourage more email activity, accompanied by a 1.5 month automated follow up series to help warm users up to the company, and an A/B testing campaign for product page designs to improve user experience.

specialized vehicle example
specialized vehicle example

The Results

To date, the automated popup coupon has captured roughly 5,000 new users resulting in over $100,000 in first time user coupon redemptions, sent over 26,000 emails, netted an additional $37,000 in revenue from the automated email series, and contributed over $200,000 in supplemental revenue through one-off email blasts.

Additionally, after a statistically significant performance measure was found between the old add-to-cart button color and new one (seen below), Fungi made a permanent change, resulting in a 23% improvement in cart-to-detail performance, and a 3% increase in buy-to-detail.