BETA, Are You Wondering How We Found You?

Fungi Marketing specializes in developing highly targeted ads to reach the perfect buyers at the perfect time. We want to work with you and help you do the same! Do you know the physical office locations of the airline and inter-plane decision makers you want to do business with? Our geo-targeting can show ads like the one you saw within a 40 meter radius!

Please Share With Your Sales & Marketing Teams

Fungi is very specialized in the digital marketing space, we take a very targeted approach instead of a spray and pray philosophy. If you or a member of your team is responsible for sales or marketing, we’d love to set up a call to:

  1. Understand your current environment
  2. Learn about your sales and marketing challenges
  3. See if our solutions align to help solve problems and discover big opportunities

Please share this page with a member of your team or email us today to let us know we found you!

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