We’re quirky. We’re punny.
We’re all-around “fun-guys”.

Who is Fungi Marketing?

We’re a group of dedicated fungis, led by the biggest fun-guy of them all, Ryan Forrest. Ok, that’s a lie – we’re people. But we’ve been inspired by mushrooms. Did you know – the network of mushrooms growing in the Blue Mountains of Oregon is actually the largest known living organism?

For somewhere between 2,000 and 9,000 years, these mushrooms have lived and grow until they created a single, almost 2.5 mile long network of ‘shrooms. These fungi inspire us because, like that massive, ancient mushroom, a successful and long-lasting business must have strong roots and a solid, sustainable strategy in place to grow its customer base.

Our Mission

We help businesses and individuals, like you, develop efficient marketing strategies. Our end goal is to give you back an hour each day, so you can focus more of your time doing what you love. Ready to apply our solutions to your business?

What We Do

We develop automated marketing strategies for clients so that they can spend more time focussing on what really matters to them. Afterall, most business are created because someone had a passion – we let those passionate innovators get back to what they love.

Once we’ve met with you and determined what it is you need in an effective marketing strategy, we will develop and implement the marketing tools designed to generate leads, nurture those leads and convert them into recurring customers and brand advocates. With proper roots, effective tools and a well-planned strategy, you can foster and grow your customer base… like the 2.5 mile long mushroom!

Get back to your passion!

Let’s talk about how we can help you focus on what you love.