Monthly Analytics Dashboards

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$199.99 / month and a $399.99 sign-up fee

Looking for the ultimate analytics dashboard?

Our specialists will help install your website analytics package or update your existing analytics to include goals, e-commerce tracking, and more. There is so much data available right at your fingertips. We’ll work with you during the brief setup phase to build a 9-section dashboard, custom-tailored to fit your organization’s needs. VIEW LIVE SAMPLE DASHBOARD NOW!



  • Install or upgrade Google Analytics on your website to track key goals (contact form completions, program enrollments, PDF downloads, etc.)
  • Install or update Facebook tracking pixels so you can see who is visiting the website and track user demographic and behavioral information.
  • Add analytics dashboard with password protected page where you can view the last 30 days performance on key campaigns.

1 review for Monthly Analytics Dashboards

  1. A Fungi

    We leverage these dashboards for all our clients and it has made our lives so much easier. Now we can see the key charts and tables that have the biggest impact on the organization instead of fumbling through Google Analytics trying to test and measure.

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