Customer Service Triggered Review Drip

Bring Leads Closer by Tying Customer Service with a Targeted Email Drip Campaign

Understanding Customer Service Triggered Review Drip

Having an awesome customer service/support is a job well done. It can be beneficial in keeping customers loyal and equally helpful in pushing raw leads through the funnel. A pivotal point that it is, customer service also opens avenues for better engagement and increased customer satisfaction.

A review drip going hand-in-hand with customer service can help gauge the success of the effort while simultaneously creating a better rapport with existing clients and prospectives.

The Customer Service Triggered Review Drip

A drip marketing campaign can use customer service as a trigger to reach out to the consumer. Generally – and as most of us might have experienced – a conversation with a customer service executive is followed by an email. Often, this automated email is a short survey requesting information on the experience with the customer service.

According to Epsilon’s report for Q3 2014, trigger emails have click rates that are as much as 135.8% higher than the average business-as-usual (BAU) messages. The study illustrates the rise of triggered emails and why you should run a similar campaign now, if you haven’t already.

The Drip
Understanding Customer Service Triggered Review Drip
The customer satisfaction survey is a starting point of a larger customer service triggered review drip campaign. If it remains unanswered, a satisfaction survey can be followed in a few days by another email with a gentle reminder for the survey.

Social Media is an excellent carrier for customer service – and that can often be the third email. An invitation to join your business on a social network like Facebook or Twitter offers the customer a quicker resolution. At the same time, it offers the business a chance to strike up a conversation with the customer to engage them better.

Additionally, social media is an excellent venue to flaunt your satisfied customers. It can be word-of-mouth marketing at its (virtual) best. If this email remains unanswered or unopened, it may be followed a few days later by a reminder.

So the campaign shapes as the following emails:

  • Customer satisfaction survey email
  • (If no action on the previous email) Follow up to the satisfaction survey
  • Request social media review – Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.
  • (If email remains unanswered) Follow up request for review

Support for Customer Service

The drip campaign can provide more pointers to customers for dealing with issues they might face. Explaining the FAQs on your website as a sequence of emails can create a knowledge base that makes troubleshooting easier for the customer.

Similarly, an interesting question put forward to the customer service and a well-detailed response can find a place in the campaign to preemptively cater to consumers who might have similar problems.

Your customer service triggered review drip campaign can be highly personalized to be a match for the issue put forward by the customer. Marketing isn’t just for leads; it’s also for existing customers. Contact Us to set up a kickass triggered email campaign for your business.