Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tips for Creating a Kick-ass Customer Satisfaction Survey Email

The success of a business is determined by sales conversion. However, whether you’re going to retain a customer is another story.

Automated customer satisfaction surveys sent out after a recent purchase help businesses gain insight into the needs and wants of customers. Knowing these boosts lifetime value and loyal advocates. So what makes a great customer satisfaction survey email?

1. Clear and simple

The first step is to identify what you want to learn from your customers to generate clear results. Emails should contain the purpose of the survey, the perks of participating in one, including a clear call-to-action.

2. Personalized and relevant

Think about your target audience when writing down questions; make sure they are relevant. If they cannot identify with your questions, you won’t be able to elicit a good response, making the whole effort worthless.

3. Short and sweet

Make sure that the email invitation is brief, concise, straightforward and with a catchy and clear subject line that they can’t ignore. To prevent customers from abandoning your survey, limit questions to a maximum of 5 arranged in a logical order and without being repetitive.

4. Fool-proof email sending mechanism

To generate a high response rate, you need to make sure that your email gets delivered and that it gets opened. Choose email survey platforms that provide a host of features that allow you to gather and analyze authentic information in real time to facilitate fast conversion.

Customer satisfaction is a major element that drives repeat business, customer retention and loyalty. Having a reliable satisfaction survey email mechanism that allows you to identify and track customer response is a powerful tool that gives you that competitive edge so make sure you have tricks up your sleeves. Interested in seeing a survey in action? View ours here: Fungi Subscriber Survey. Looking for a more comprehensive strategy for your marketing automation needs? Contact us today!